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Spell overview - Focus tea results

Spell overview - Focus tea results

This page is meant for witches who would like to know what bonuses are required for which part of a spell. Click on an individual spell for details. In the beginning, with only one or two samples of my own focus tea results the data is obviously not very exact. I would be very happy if you submitted your own focus tea results. All data immediately flows into the calculation.

Banishing of Loquacious Spirits
Banishing of Prying Eyes
Banishing of Unnatural Urges
Biddy Amble's Bee Buzzer
Delusions of Grandeur
Gammer Shorga's Clever Creeper
Gammer Shorga's Helpful Undergrowth
Gammer Tumult's Amalgamator
Goodie Whemper's Apple Divination
Grammer Scorbic's Household Guard
Granny Beedle's Cooperative Credits
Granny Benedict's Bond of Loyalty
Granny Lipintense's Layer of Lard
Granny Lipintense's Layer of Lard (historic)
Hag's Blessing
Jorodin's Magnificent Communicator
Mama Blackwing's Potent Preserver
Mama Kolydina's Instant Infestation
Mother Brynda's Call of Gravity
Mother Feelbright's Busy Bees
Mother Feelbright's Busy Bees (historic)
Mother Harblist's Fruity Flyer
Mother Twinter's Yarrow Enchantment
Nanny Revere's Traitorous Talisman
Wee Flaudia's Fluffy Ear Muffs