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Lists streets in different cities alphabetically and highlights them on a map.

Plan, project and reference info wizard

Finger information contains "Plan" and "Project" sections that can be filled by creating .plan and .project aliases

Whereas finger gives information about a player, refer gives information about the character including their guild (and title information if they're online), their description and any reference information they have set. The reference information is typically background about their character. To add information to your reference use the alias .reference.

The ;'s in your .plan, .project and .reference aliases will be expanded to newlines. The .plan and .project aliases may be up to 5 lines long, the .reference alias may be up to 20 lines long.

This wizard automatically escapes spaces and dollar characters, and it adds the semicolons, allowing for some simple formatting as you enter the text in the input field.

Sekiri's Study of Wizardry

On 26 October 2009 Geocities have torn down their free hosting services. This means all pages that hadn't been archived beforehand disappeared.

I have copied all his pages, changed the source code slightly to make it easier for me to maintain, and uploaded them here for your benefit. I have also edited the pictures slightly in size and colour to make them better readable - they should be less blurry now. If you spot anything that needs to be corrected please let me know within the MUD, by contacting Lasse (or Andschana or Jantiff).

If you are looking for the original version you can still find it via archive.org, where various versions have been stored.

Witchy stuff

Contains information about liquid containers, a list of fly-to NPCs, and I started writing a tool that helps in creation of tricks. However, it is not finished yet.

URL: http://www.gunde.de/discworld/