As you walk into the study, you see Sekiri Thanatos ushering out an obviously fresh faced new Applicant. Exchanging greetings with the old man, you mention that you are here to return some borrowed volumes. After you return them to the shelves, you sit down and have one last chat with the old man, who might well after all be on his last legs.

"Well then, youngster, ready to take the wizarding world by storm?" You nod enthusiastically. "Well, if you'll listen to a last bit of rambling, I should acknowledge some of those wizards who have gone before you, hell, gone before me for that matter. A lot of the knowledge we've spoken about or included in your post-graduate texts and reference materials came about as a result of these pioneers. Let me tell you a bit about them."

Griffin the Red:
"Perhaps a descendant of the legendary Ipslore the Red, Griffin is near to legendary in his own right. Griffin is one of the most respected wizards of all time, and founded the Faculty. Griffin was the Chancellor from the foundation of the Faculty until his resignation, and provided outstanding leadership. He also published some of the first true studies of the magic of the Discworld, the volumes being about the spells then known, and the artefacts respectively."

"The original, and most say the best, Dean of Experimentation. The information and reports produced by Bremen and his team of hard working researchers are nothing short of outstanding, and have advanced the understanding of the entire guild."

"A long time supporter and organiser of the Faculty, An ex-Chancellor of the Faculty, he contributed heavily to the development of the fledgling guild."

Noda, Gaelen and Vasp:
"The creator and maintainers of The Spellcheck Project volumes, these wizards have made an indelible mark on the world of Wizardry. Their studies into all the spells have provided a wealth of information about them."

"More recently, wizards such as Atreus, Poncho, Sined and Zuroc have published their own works in a admirable attempt to continue to gain and share knowledge throughout the community. Thanks also go to a few wizards such as Elanor, Rasputin and others who have helped to either proofread or otherwise compile material for those reference books over there."

"Finally, there are those wizards from across the ages that have made our guild a much richer and fulfilling place than it otherwise could have been, and without which many of us, including myself, wouldn't be here. They know who they are." Sekiri smiles.

"Now it's time for you to get out of here, and go and make your own mark!" Sekiri shakes your hand, wishes you well, and walks you to the door.